Strategic & Creative

Technology, People, &

the Written Word

Embracing a STEM education, I dove into computational science because of its ability to be applied to every scientific domain. Now, I am able to use my penchant for writing to make this kind of technology more easily accessible.

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Spreading the word about cutting-edge technologies.

Research and Analysis

Nanomaterial simulation and property prediction, molecular and electron dynamics, data analysis and visualization, text mining, digital image processing, natural language processing, & machine learning.

Science Communication

Telling a scientific story requires creativity and passion for sharing science with others. Keeping all citizens engaged and trustful of science is important to the survival of our way of life.

Teaching and Service

Chemistry laboratories, high performance computing workshops, mathematics introductory courses, computational chemistry boot camp, student rep on university committees, & women in STEM advocate

Technical Writing & Digital Design

Front-end web development, technical document writing (including software and system manuals, reports, and online content), diagram and schematic creation, & scalable vector graphics.

And much more

What I Do

While performing research at the intersections of chemistry, quantum physics, and computational science, I developed a propensity toward the application of high-performance computing. During the current chapter of my life, I am always learning new skills and tools so that I may teach others how to use them. I also put my technical writing and web development skills to use through volunteerism on and off campus.